AdsPower – an anti-detect browser for multi-accounting

Much has already been said about the benefits of anti-detect browsers in work, including by us. Therefore, this time we will not repeat ourselves and focus only on reviewing one of them – AdsPower.

What is an anti-detect browser used for?

Any anti-detect browser is necessary to perform a number of functions, including:

  • The ability to remain completely anonymous online;
  • Simplify simple processes, one of which is account farming;
  • Multi-accounting or the ability to work on multiple social and advertising accounts at once without fear of being temporarily or permanently banned;
  • Automating a number of actions that allow you to “unload” routine tasks.

What is Adspower?

Adspower is an anti-detect browser for multi-accounting when working with any platform, created on the Chromium platform in 2020. The browser provides a separate unique environment for each account to protect against unauthorized browser fingerprinting. One of the noticeable advantages from the first seconds is that this anti-detect cares about privacy like no other. Unfortunately, some disadvantages also quickly catch the eye. For example, the “crooked” Russian translation, so sometimes it’s more pleasant to work with the English version.

How much does Adspower cost?

The use of an anti-detect can cost the user from zero to $25 depending on the chosen tariff. There are three of them: Free, Base, Pro. Below, in the screenshot, you can see the main difference between each of them. Choose the one that suits you the most and start working.

The platform also has a separate tariff, the fourth, Custom. However, its use is only available for teams, and all conditions can be learned only after contacting the Ads power browser team.

Features of Ads Power

Many users have actually appreciated this browser only after more experienced users began talking about its features. In turn, we have identified the following features:

  • Browser fingerprints, or rather their reality. They can be configured automatically or manually. Fingerprint selected for traffic sources.
  • The ability to add accounts one by one or in a “set” of several.
  • Teamwork with the ability to assign roles that depend on browser usage. Available positions: admin, manager, and standard user. The admin allocates access to resources, assigns or allows shared access to the browser, and has access to general statistics. The manager sees the accounts of ordinary users.
  • Tracking capabilities, of course, they will not completely replace full-fledged tracking, but minimal simple functionality is easily available. There is integration with Facebook through a token, which allows access to at least Ads Manager statistics.
  • Available encryption types – HTTP, HTTPS, Socks5;
  • Ability to share your browser profiles with another team;
  • IP addresses are automatically selected for you;
  • The ability to simulate human text input, with this feature, the likelihood of suspicion is minimal;
  • Ability to block a browser profile, after blocking it will not open in several places at once.

How to register in Adspower?

To start using the anti-detect, you first need to register your account in the Ads power system. This is easy to do and can be done using either an email or a phone number. After registration, you will be able to download the installation file according to your operating system.

If you just want to try using the browser to see if it suits you, we recommend using the web version. However, to understand how the entire tool works, you will still need to install the program on your device. We will not dwell on this and move on to the next step.

After successfully installing the program on your device, you will be prompted to log in to your previously created account. This can be done using the information that you provided before downloading the installation file. Immediately after registration and installation, the free tariff for use is available to everyone. If it is not enough for you, which we are almost sure of, you need to choose and pay for the tariff that most likely covers your request.

Starting work or creating a browser profile

After you have gone through all the registration and installation steps, you can start your work with the anti-detect browser. To do this, the first thing you need to do is create a browser profile. We will tell you how to do this later. For now, we recommend setting up the anti-detect theme for your personal convenience, as there are two available: black and white.

When creating a new profile, whether it is the first or the tenth, you need to specify its name, group, User Agent, and proxy. In addition to these settings, you can set up the login and password of the account (this will help you quickly log in to the account), cookie files, add any notes, and specify the address of your website. There is also the ability to check for duplication of logins, passwords, and cookies.

AdsPower Personal Account

There are a number of subtle account settings that are better left to those who actually understand them. All others are strongly recommended to refrain from changing them. These settings include: time zone, geolocation, WebRTC, Canvas, screen resolution, fonts, and so on.

Account management

Any created account can be managed. For example, by moving it to another group, giving access to it to other team members, changing settings/notes, country/region/proxy/general profile information.

Another advantage of the anti-detect is the presence of a recycle bin, so do not be afraid that you will permanently delete the account that may be needed later. Everything can be restored.

RPA Robot

The Ads power browser is known for its wide automation capabilities. An RPA robot tool allows you to view the necessary products on the required sites, add them to the cart if necessary, create posts, like, comment, and perform all actions of a standard user. There are currently about 30 ready-made templates available, as well as the ability to create your own process. This can be done completely independently.

Referral program as a way to earn money

This anti-detect browser also has a pretty good referral program, which allows you to earn not just a few pennies, but quite a decent income. According to the program’s terms, the user receives 10% of all payments made by invited users for a period of up to 24 months. Using simple math, you can see that it is possible to receive up to 240% from each referral. This can be considered passive income.

We have evaluated all the advantages and features of working with Adspower and consider it to be a truly high-quality browser that provides everything necessary for work and even more. Undoubtedly, the main advantage is the ability to perform many actions from one workspace without switching to multiple third-party programs and sites.

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