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Why BTC and DeFi are the best answers to Wall Street?

According to data from non-small accounts, as of 24 hours before press time, the number of major virtual currency risers in the market accounted for 63.33%, which was significantly higher than the proportion of decliners accounted for 36.67%, indicating that the short-term market sentiment is still optimistic.

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News: According to news from Decrypt, Ruffer Investment, a British investment management company, has sold some of its bitcoin holdings for a net profit of US$650 million. Currently, the company still has approximately $700 million in Bitcoin. Judging from the trend of Bitcoin, the news clearly did not cause obvious resistance to the rise of Bitcoin, which shows that the market sentiment is improving.

Secondary market: Bitcoin has continued to rise in recent days. It has closed with a positive line for three consecutive days, and has clearly broken the downtrend line (as shown in the figure), and also recovered after the rise on January 29 The long upper shadow below. From the perspective of overall performance, except for the fact that the trading volume has not been significantly enlarged, the other indicators remain in a favourable condition for the multi-party.

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Earlier, ETH climbed to a maximum of US$1,700, then stagnated and fell back. By the end of press time, it fell to the lowest line of 1573, with an amplitude of 7%, indicating that market divergence in the current price range has increased significantly. However, from the perspective of the trend structure, the characteristic of gradually rising lows has not changed, indicating that the upward trend has not been destroyed.

Ouyi OKEx ATOM spot

ATOM continued to consolidate in a narrow range above the 8.7 line. It broke through the recent high point again in early trading today and then stagnated and fell back. At present, there are signs of stopping the decline at the 8.7 line. As shown in the figure, from the situation reflected by the MACD indicator, the recent green energy column representing the kinetic energy of multiple parties is significantly smaller than the previous pull-up process, which is the main reason for the slow recent rise.

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