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What is the difference between a blockchain engineer and a general engineer?

First of all, there are many types of engineers, including software, hardware and even medical machinery. Here I give an example of the difference between a common front-end and back-end software engineer and a blockchain engineer.

From an industrial perspective:

The blockchain industry is very unstable, and the underlying technology is updated at least once every six months. Some updates need to be updated and modified together with all related programs, and will not be available if they are not changed.

Therefore, blockchain engineers need to master new knowledge all the time, otherwise, they must at least be familiar with friends in the industry so that they will not miss some important information.

The front-end and back-end engineers don’t really have this kind of trouble, just like the webpage I wrote in elementary school that can still be opened. Also, although the front-end and back-end frameworks are updated frequently, the better, the old frameworks or concepts can still be used.

From the test level:

Once the blockchain smart contract is uploaded, the logic and rules inside cannot be modified, and everyone will see your program code. Therefore, the money placed in it is like floating in the air, except that you put some rules. If there is a loophole in the logic of the contract rules, the money will be stolen and it is impossible to recover it.

Therefore, you must test to the extreme before release. But it is hard not to have problems with the software system!

On the other hand, if the old front-end and back-end websites go down, in addition to the loss of business from the customer, the data will disappear without backup. But generally speaking, it will not be like the entire money is robbed…After all, the money of the general enterprise still exists in the bank or a third-party collection agency.

This is the contract of our DApp game. There are already 110 ETH in it. I have not been able to sleep for two consecutive days… I am afraid of being attacked… Hackers are not sleeping XD

From the perspective of personal skills:

The blockchain field is very new, and most schools and teaching units do not offer courses. Therefore, if an engineer learns the blockchain, his self-learning ability should be good. Many front-end and back-end engineers also learn by themselves, but most people still learn from online courses, physical courses, and schools.

From the perspective of salary:

The starting salary of blockchain engineers is mostly higher (at least 55K), that is because:

  1. Few people will be, and it’s difficult to become one, and the threshold for learning is very high.
  2. Need to keep improving, the quality of life will be affected somewhat
  3. Need to be able to communicate and communicate, because learning alone is very slow, and everyone needs to share what they have learned

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