What is Kaiber ai,AI Tools For Video generation

Kaiber is a new AI tool that allows you to animate still images and create stunning visuals for music videos and more.


The text-to-image revolution is in full swing with Midjourney v5 out now and Google announcing they are introducing AI images in slides. But less has been said about text-to-video, until now. Kaiber AI represents one of the first steps into this world.

Image to video

The new platform allows you animate still images generated by AI or real photos in a specific style. Users can dictate how the images illustrated is animated with prompts. In a four-step process users can upload the image, choose their style, direct how they want the animation to work and then adjust settings such as length, dimensions, and movements.

Bringing music to life

The biggest use case for Kaiber is in creating music videos. Users can upload their music and Kaiber’s tools interpret it and create images that evolve and change to the beat. The band Linkin Park used Kaiber to produce their latest music video Lost showcasing impressive visuals. I used it to animate an explosion sequence for the opening of a story and it works well.

However, the images Kaiber produces are very stylized and there are currently just eight styles available. It is hard to see this working on animating a real-life photo yet the software is more suited to animating anime and animation.

Generation takes minutes to hours, depending on the length of your animation, but you can see a style preview in about 30 seconds before starting the full generation.

Kaiber AI pricing

Unlike Midjourney, which runs on a flat-rate subscription, Kaiber AI has a credit system, making it effectively pay-per-use. New users get 30 credits for free without having to enter a credit or debit card, with 1 credit equaling about 1 second of video. The monthly Pro plan gives you 1,000 credits, or about 1,000 seconds of video per month.

Users who purchase an annual subscription get a discount to $10 per month, billed in one $120 bill. Credits also roll over from one month to the next if they are not used up.

Kaiber AI is an US-based company and is the brainchild of Victor Wang, a former lawyer specializing in intellectual property for emerging technologies, and Eric Gao, a music producer from California.

Their project began as a web3 music project called Secret Garden FM, but things quickly went south when the company’s funds evaporated in the wake of the FTX crypto scam.

Determined not to give up, they reinvented their project as Kaiber AI, which now has 200,000 subscribers since its launch.

With a free account, you receive a Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International License, permitting image use without profit and requiring credit to Kaiber. With a paid account, you obtain full ownership and commercial rights for your creations.

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