What is Discord? A Beginner’s Guide to Discord

As more and more users join Discord, it has become increasingly common as a communication software and is gradually becoming similar to other social media platforms. Besides communication, do you know what other functions Discord has? How much do you know about Discord itself and the Discord community? Let Creato guide you to learn more about what Discord is!

What is Discord?

Discord, also known as DC, is a communication application that can be downloaded for free on both computers and mobile devices. It was primarily created to provide users with a platform for real-time online communication. Today, it has become one of the most popular communication applications. Here, you can join educational, gaming, music, or global art communities to find like-minded individuals, or simply spend your leisure time chatting with friends. Discord is the best place for relaxed conversations and frequent gatherings.

What can Discord be used for?

You can create your own Discord server, also known as a server, and chat and communicate with friends or like-minded users! In short, it’s like an independent mini-forum. The creator of the server can make their Discord server private (only available to friends) or public (open to anyone). On Discord, users can participate in text and voice chats, as well as share their lives with each other. If a camera is installed, Discord also supports video chat. Furthermore, Discord servers can host game livestreams for server or community members, and livestreams can be private to only selected friends within the server.

In addition to communication and interaction, Discord servers can also be used for marketing activities, evolving into a platform for achieving business marketing goals.

Why do creators start using Discord?

As mentioned above, Discord can be used not only for communication but also as a platform for marketing purposes. More and more creators are opening their own communities on Discord, attracting more interested users to use Discord and then conducting marketing for their purposes. For example, Shidan Zhen has used Discord to promote and market their “Trial Theater” featured cap illustrations and their recent “Trial and Error NTR” NFT collection.

When conducting NFT marketing on Discord, users can ask relevant questions through text on Discord. Creators will answer viewers’ questions to increase viewers’ confidence and interest, ensuring high transparency in marketing transactions. Therefore, Discord is a platform that truly enables creators and audiences to interact and communicate in real-time, thereby achieving effective marketing purposes.

Additionally, Discord’s membership system has attracted many creators to use Discord. The membership system provides creators with an additional source of revenue. For viewers, users can join or become a member of a particular creator on Discord, which provides members with access to more content and community members on that particular Discord. For creators, creators can directly set payment conditions on Discord, taking the lead themselves. Currently, Discord chooses to give 90% of the revenue to creators and retains 10% for themselves. Compared with other platforms, this has largely attracted creators to use Discord.

How to get started with Discord for building a community for your brand?

Here are five steps to help you build your own brand Discord community.

1. Define your brand’s goals

Consider your customer base, including potential customers, and how to use different methods to build customer loyalty and find more opportunities to engage with them.

2. Create your own channels

Create public and private channels and establish templates for each channel. Channels allow you to send messages and communicate with users on the channel.

3. Define channel rules

Discord has built-in rules pages that channel members must read and approve before posting. By defining channel rules, you can create a healthy and safe discussion and community. Next, create Discord roles for community members. These roles will define administrator permissions, accessible channels, and more.

4. Promote your Discord community

Once you have set up your Discord, you can start promoting your community. Especially for Discord communities with many users, promote your community to the public. You can also share your Discord and community on different social media and websites to attract more viewers.

5. Keep your community updated and active

Your Discord community is like a webpage. If it becomes inactive or contains outdated information, viewers and community members will gradually lose interest. Therefore, be sure to keep your community updated and active. You can also assign administrators to handle issues that arise in the community and help members use Discord features.

Discord Beginner’s Guide

Discord can be downloaded from different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and can also be accessed through the web.

To register and log in, simply enter your email and username to begin using Discord.

Users can join other servers or create their own server on Discord.

It’s important to note that if the server is private, you will need to have the URL or invitation link provided by the owner to join.

Discord also provides a directory of public servers where users can find servers of interest. This feature is located at the bottom of the server icon list on the left-hand side of the screen after logging in. However, this feature is only available on the desktop application for PC or Mac and is not currently accessible through the mobile app on Android, iPhone, or iPad devices.

Users on Discord can speak under different usernames on different servers. Please note that even if you use a different nickname, anyone can click on your user profile and view your original username.

In summary

Discord is a free communication application that does not display ads. Whether you want to meet new friends or hang out with a small group, Discord is a great tool. As a user, you can join different Discord servers to find like-minded people, and as a creator, you can create your own community and engage with members, as well as use it for marketing activities such as NFT marketing.

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