The Arbitrum ecosystem project UserDAO will conduct its IDO on May 30th

On May 21st, the Arbitrum ecosystem project UserDAO announced the completion of a $3 million Pre-A round of financing, led by A16Z and HashKing, with participation from Construction Fi, India TT, and V9 ventures.

This cooperation will promote the development of the Arbitrum ecosystem, aiming to expand its possibilities in the financial sector.

UserDAO is an open-source extensible plugin that aims to create a more open and transparent underlying blockchain infrastructure network. It is believed that UserDAO will become increasingly well-known to the public in the future!

The ecological applications in UserDAO include SociaIFi, NFT trading platform, Web 3.0, Metaverse, and staking mining.

The token for UserDAO is UWT, or User Wealth Token. It is a core tool for innovating production relations in the digital age of productivity transformation. The sole goal of this tool is to create a self-sustaining economic system that returns wealth to users. At its inception, it eliminated the exploitation of user wealth by financial markets and the intervention of authoritarianism in user wealth. UWT is a chain asset that users can obtain by using products, with a single price that only rises (in ETH terms) and can be exchanged for ETH at any time.

The total circulation of UWT is 100 billion, with 16% for ecological construction, 6% for community airdrops, 21% for overseas institutions, 35% for foundation marketing,5% for private placement, 16% for user rewards, and 1% for IDO.

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