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How-to Guide for TABI Blind Box NFT Mission, a NFT Platform that Raised Millions of Dollars in Financing

Jun 2, 2023 #Tabi

Recently, some groups are sharing Tabi’s invitation links, which shows that the project is gaining some traction.

Tabi is built on the BSC ecosystem and is a NFT-based trading protocol that connects Web2 to Web3 through game mechanics and NFTs.

Currently, Tabi has raised approximately $10 million in angel funding, led by Animoca Brands with participation from institutions such as Binance Labs.

Tabi launched a reward program on May 29th, 2023, where registered users can receive Blind Box NFTs, and inviting more new users can earn more rewards.

Many players encountered some problems while completing the tasks. This article provides a simple summary to help users who want to participate complete the tasks quickly and receive the reward NFT.

The activity tasks include three aspects: Sailor’s Quest, Invite Quest, and Reddit Quest.

I. Sailor’s Quest:

  1. Log in to tabi.lol using Metamask and select the BSC network.
  2. Link to Discord and authorize the link. You need to complete verification to receive your character. Some users encountered verification failures during character certification, which may be due to too many participants. Try a different time period, and there should be no problem.

  1. Link to Twitter and follow Tabi.

It may be more convenient to operate on a computer, which can directly jump to the next step.

  1. Share the link with friends. Generate your own invitation link and post it on Twitter to complete the task.

After completing the Sailor’s Quest, you can receive a Phoenix Feather, which is directly airdropped into your account and does not require casting.

You can also receive an Iron Box Blind Box, which will be revealed later. This box is a Soul-Bound Token (SBT) and cannot be traded or transferred.

Currently, 158,515 participants have received the box NFT, but the Blind Box has not yet been opened.

II. Invite Quest

The Invite Quest is to share your own link, and the invitee must complete the Sailor’s Quest for the invitation to be valid.

The earnings vary depending on the number of invites. For each invited person, you receive a Dragon Egg, which is directly airdropped into your account and does not require casting.

Inviting 5 people can earn you a Silver Box, which is also an SBT and cannot be traded or transferred.

The more people you invite, the higher the level of the box and the higher the rarity.

Looking at the invitation leaderboard, the highest number of invitations by a player is 1641. If you can make it to the top 500 on the leaderboard, there is a chance to receive a Gold Box as a reward.

For those who haven’t started playing yet, you can also register and experience using the GlodChain link.

Experience Link: https://tabi.lol?code=211569952312325

III. Reddit Quest

To complete the Reddit Quest, you need to have an account, which can be logged in directly using a Google account or registered using an email address. After authorizing the login, follow Tabi’s Reddit account to complete the task.

After completing the task, you can receive a Spellbook, which is also directly airdropped. The higher the user’s Reddit score, the more Spellbooks they can receive.

There is also a Reddit Creed reward, which is also an SBT with three levels of rarity: Legend, Mater, and Apprentice.

Currently, 94,289 users have completed the Reddit Quest and received rewards.

From social media, it can be seen that Tabi has gained some popularity. Currently, it is a “zero-to-play” game where players can earn NFTs by inviting new users. The number of fans on TW and DC is also quite high, as it takes popularity to make things happen.

Although Binance Labs has invested in the project, and it comes with traffic and resources, whether the project itself will have good development and experience in the future still depends on more gameplay announcements and updates.

The above is just my personal opinion and does not constitute investment advice.