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SUSHI block reward halved, can copy the success of the UNI?

Coingecko data showed that SUHI had already gained an astonishing increase in January, nearly 270% in nearly 30 days, no less than UNI’s nearly 30 days (the latter was 270.6%). And weekend, SUSHI SUSHI has broken through the historical price reached a new high.

Will SUSHI cut production be like UNI

Last September, Sushiswap to issue a plan to reduce production to address ecological inflation: transform 100 SUSHI per block to 50 SUSHI; per block in year 1 and year 2 25 SUSHI; per block in years 3 and 4 10 SUSHI, per block for the fifth year And two-thirds of the new SUSHI have a one-year lockout, A locked SUSHI can still earn a fee, but can not be sold or used for voting until unlocked.

One @ Kamal Twitter user comment points out that the biggest problem is whether TVL will insist when the blockchain reward drops and if so, the price will definitely rise. The user added that liquidity could flow to good projects with higher returns, such as Badge and Alpha.

This is reminiscent of the nearly half-fall in the Uniswap, that stopped mining in December, and UNI prices fell more than 20 per cent for four consecutive days, Uniswap by extending the liquidity mining proposal (but not yet implemented). This January, the chain option agreement FinNexus terminated Uniswap liquidity mining, turned to the Sushiswap.

Unlike Uniswap’s previous stop, however, Sushiswap is about to halve the reward, although the reward has been reduced, there are still. Therefore, some users said they would consider increasing the amount of Sushi cultivated to increase income, while others compared the UNI LP and SUSHI LP, to halve the SUSHI LP income is still higher than the UNI LP, so the SUSHI is still worth staying.

Fundamental improvements

Innovation is not only SUSHI prices but also SUSHI indicators. Today, the interface of SUSHI’s new main sushiswap. Fi has taken on a new look at’ proposals, with a sample population.

The Sushiswap’s lockdown and trading volume are now about $2.28 billion and $390 million, double last year’s high, with the gap between lockdown and Uniswap narrowing again to about $100 million. Judging from the growth point of view, according to the Dune Analytics, Sushiswap1 months ago, the weekly processing capacity was 25% of the Uniswap and has now risen to 48% of the Uniswap.

Moreover, Messari data show that, after merging with Yearn ecosystems, SushiSwa has eroded Uniswap market share in the field.

The report says the merger with Yearn has freed Sushiswap from some negative effects, but Sushiswap liquidity and weekly trading volumes are now stabilizing, currently between $2 billion and $2.5 billion, and Sushiswap maintains a high rate of innovation due to community-driven.

At present SUSHI in addition to the topic of 2021 community road map, how to occupy the market is also one of the hot spots of community discussion. SUSHI attributed the increase in lockdown and trading volume to the Onsen plan, the “rotation reward system, which votes to determine the DeFi transaction to the SUSHI token reward” transactions.

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