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Suiswap Testnet Airdrop,How to link your wallet and get Suiswap $SSWP testnet airdrop

We are extremely excited to announce the official launch of our first Testnet Airdrop for the Suiswap community today. This event allows any community member with Suiswap Points to participate in the airdrop by entering the /airdrop command in the dedicated #suiswap-points channel.

The primary purpose of this Testnet Airdrop is to act as a trial run before the Mainnet Airdrop and distribute our SSWP governance tokens to our valued community members.

These tokens will enable participation in various activities, including liquidity mining, staking to earn platform rewards, and future governance proposals.

Step-by-Step Participation Guide:

  1. Verify that you have successfully linked your wallet address. If not, you can still use the /link-address command to link your preferred wallet address.

  1. Ensure that you possess an adequate amount of Suiswap Points, as your airdrop allocation will be calculated based on your Suiswap Points balance. Use slash command /suiswap-points to query your Suiswap Points.

  1. Make sure you have a sufficient balance of SUI tokens to cover the gas fees associated with the airdrop transaction.
  2. In the #suiswap-points channel, send the /airdrop slash command, and our automated bot will provide you with your unique airdrop secret.

  1. To claim your SSWP tokens, paste your airdrop secret at ““.

Essential Points to Consider:

1. Airdrop Calculation and Distribution

We would like to emphasize that the current growth and uncertainty of Suiswap Points for each community member cannot be accurately determined. Airdrops conducted on the Testnet will be calculated by simply dividing your current Suiswap Points by 10. The Mainnet airdrop will adhere to a strict calculation based on each community member’s Suiswap Points balance and the total airdrop allocation.

2. Future SSWP-based Features

In the coming days, we will be introducing more SSWP-based features, such as liquidity mining, staking to earn platform rewards, and other exciting opportunities. We encourage you to hold onto your airdropped tokens and explore the full potential of our platform using the SSWP tokens you receive.

3. Importance of Unique Secrets

Please refrain from attempting to copy someone else’s secret, as it will be ineffective. You can only claim the airdrop using the wallet you have linked and the specific secret assigned to you. If your wallet address and secret do not match (e.g., when attempting to copy someone else’s secret), your transaction will fail.

3. One-time Secret and Airdrop Claim

To prevent potential abuse, your secret will be sent only once, and you can use that secret to claim the airdrop one time. If you try to claim the airdrop twice using the same secret, subsequent transactions will be unsuccessful.

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