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Tutorial for the Second Round of Airdrop Interaction for SPACE ID (Binance Smart Chain, ARB Domain)

In the first round of SPACE ID airdrop, 21% (42,000,000) of the total community amount of 200,000,000 was distributed. The second round of airdrop has now begun.

Based on the current unboxing results, common boxes are worth approximately 25 points, rare boxes are worth approximately 50 points, and legendary boxes are worth approximately 100 points. If the remaining half of the 79,000,000 tokens from the second round of Voyage airdrop are distributed, the number of airdropped tokens will be very large. The first round of airdrop mainly targeted domain name holders and participants, while the second round is mainly focused on point users. According to the current coin price, the profit is still quite objective.

Let’s get started:

1.Open the SPACE ID activity page, connect your wallet, and click on ‘Register’.

2. Enter the desired domain name (BNB or ARB domain) you want to register, and click on ‘Search’ (most 3-4 digit domain names have already been registered). You can choose to register a domain name with 5 or more digits or letters. The registration fee is only $5.

3. The page will display the available domain names that you can register (this activity is only for users who want to register BNB or ARB domains, so be careful not to select the wrong domain). If it shows ‘Unregistered’, it means the domain name is available for registration.

4. The default registration period is one year. Click on ‘Pre-register’ and wait for about 10 seconds, then click on ‘Register’.

5. After a successful registration, click on ‘Manage Profile’ to proceed to the next step. Click on the ‘+’ sign to set your main domain name. Click on the corresponding chain to select the chain you want to use.

6. Your registered domain name will appear in the drop-down menu. Select it and click on ‘Save’ to save your changes.

7. Congratulations! You have successfully set up your domain name. Click on ‘Return’, and then click on ‘Voyage’ at the top of the page to enter the activity page.

8. Click on the planet icon as shown in the picture to enter the page for the second round of the activity.

9. On the activity box page, you can see the number of boxes you have. Click on the corresponding box and then click on ‘Open’ to open the box.

Additionally, you can also invite your friends to register. If you are a blue-chip NFT holder, both you and your friend can receive a legendary box.

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