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New testnet mission for Sei Network! $SEI unlimited faucet tutorial

Sei Network, a public blockchain, has recently been making continuous progress. On the 11th of this month, it completed a $30 million financing round, and on the 12th, it announced that its ecosystem fund had completed a new round of financing of $50 million. Although it did not become a hot topic in the market like Aptos and Sui in the early stages, its testnet progress and ecosystem development have been quite rapid since the release of its white paper at the end of October last year.

Recently, the Sei Network team has launched a new mission on its testnet, which is speculated to be an important basis for future SEI token airdrops. This article will introduce the prerequisite tutorial for Sei test missions from a beginner’s perspective, including wallet download, receiving test tokens, and switching networks.

Prerequisites: wallet download, network switching, and receiving SEI tokens

1. Leap Cosmos Wallet is the recommended wallet for Sei test missions, which can be added to Chrome as a plugin.

2. Add a new Leap wallet account, remember the seed phrase, and create it successfully by passing the seed phrase test.

3.Enter the Leap wallet, click on the icon in the upper right corner, switch the network to Sei (Atlantic 2), and copy the address (which can be used later to receive test tokens).

4.Enter Sei’s discord community, scroll down and click on the atlantic-2-faucet channel, enter “!faucet your address” (for example: !faucet sei…), and if you receive a reply from the Sei Faucet bot, it means you have succeeded. After waiting for about 5 minutes, you will receive 1 SEI token in your wallet. If the bot does not reply, you can try again multiple times.

5.Another way to receive SEI tokens is to “first receive USDC test tokens, and then exchange them for SEI tokens”. The operation method is as follows:

Enter the website to receive USDC test tokens and connect to the Leap wallet

After passing the verification by the bot, click REQUEST, and after about 5 minutes, you will receive 100 USDC test tokens.

Then, you can exchange the 100 USDC test tokens for SEI tokens in the protocol.

Link your Leap wallet account, select USDC and SEI tokens for swapping, and you can receive approximately 0.1 SEI.

Sei Network has launched 5 new missions, one of which is about to end.

After completing the above tutorial, you can smoothly participate in the new missions launched by Sei Network. There are detailed operating instructions after clicking into each mission. After successfully unlocking the mission, you will receive corresponding points, which may be an important basis for future SEI token airdrops. As of the deadline, there are 15 days and 7 hours remaining for missions 1 to 4, providing ample time to participate. However, mission 5 only has 1 day and 3 hours left.

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