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Black horse Sei takes you deep into the layout of public chains, including airdrop tutorials.

Project Overview

Sei is an L1 blockchain on Cosmos with its core being the CLOB protocol.Therefore, not only can Sei integrate dApps on its own sovereign blockchain, but the entire Cosmos ecosystem can also leverage its liquidity and create markets for their assets on Sei.

How to qualify for Sei Airdrop

In order to be eligible for the Sei Network airdrop, users will need to participate in their incentivized testnet program. This incentivized testnet is designed to reward early community members who interact with the Layer 1 blockchain and applications being deployed on the protocol.

The summary of the proof is that Sei Network announced on their official Twitter account to the public that they will allocate 1% of token supply to incentivize their testnet. Continue reading our guide to find out which applications to use to get your airdrop whitelist position.

1.The bridge to Sei Network.

The first step to earning airdrops from a new first layer blockchain is to bridge the network. If you want to bridge from Ethereum or other popular blockchains such as Polygon, BNB Chain, or Arbitrum to the Sei network, you need to use the Vortex Bridge.Simply connect your wallet, choose the token you want to bridge, and complete the transaction to transfer the token onto the network.

SEI network bridge.

2. Trading on the vortex protocol

Vortex protocol is one of the first applications to announce a partnership with the Sei network. Investors can connect their Keplr or Cosmos wallets to the Vortex application and trade on their decentralized exchange (DEX) to earn tokens airdropped by the Sei network.

Trade with eddy current protocol.

3.Mint UXD stablecoin

UXDProtocol is the first stablecoin application to migrate to the Sei network and participate in its network incentive program.To meet this qualification requirement, users will need to access the application to mint UXD stablecoin and then stake it to the protocol. You can stake UXD stablecoin at

Creating stablecoins on UXD.

What is Sei Network? 

Sei Network is a new DeFi-specific blockchain deployed using the Cosmos SDK, aimed at providing an environment for customized DeFi applications.This platform provides a built-in order matching engine, front-end protection, and the fastest finality in any layer 1 blockchain (600ms). The combination of these optimized features makes it the best smart contract platform for new financial products to emerge, such as high-throughput DEXs and sports betting platforms.

They also announced they had secured funding from a top-tier venture capital firm,The company raised $5 million from firms such as Coinbase Ventures, Multicoin Capital, Tangent XYZ, Delphi Digital, GSR, Flow Traders, etc.

Final Thoughts

In short, to be eligible for the Sei Network airdrop, users must participate in the incentive testnet program by interacting with the first layer blockchain and the deployed applications on the protocol.Users can use the Vortex Bridge to bridge networks, trade on the Vortex Protocol’s DEX, and mint UXD stablecoins on the UXDProtocol to invest in the protocol.

Sei Network is a blockchain dedicated to DeFi, designed for customized DeFi applications with fast settlement and optimization capabilities.With a $5 million funding from top venture capitalists, Sei Network has strong support and future development potential.

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