• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023


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Pi Network’s Migration Milestone: Pioneers Tackle 7 Steps in Mainnet Checklist

Aug 23, 2023 #Mainnet, #Pi Network, #Pioneers

Pi Network has unveiled a comprehensive Mainnet checklist that pioneers must complete to facilitate a seamless transition to the Mainnet. This checklist consists of seven essential steps and serves as a pivotal guide for pioneers to successfully migrate their Pi balances to the Mainnet, marking a significant precursor to this momentous phase.

While many pioneers have already completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process, the Mainnet checklist encompasses other crucial steps that must be accomplished to ensure a smooth transition of Pi tokens from the Testnet to the live network.

The Pi Network mobile application prominently features the Mainnet Checklist as a critical gateway to initiate the migration process. Once pioneers successfully navigate all the steps in the checklist, they become eligible to migrate their Pi balances to the Mainnet, becoming an integral part of the thrilling next chapter of the Pi Network.

The Mainnet checklist encompasses the following necessary steps that pioneers need to execute before determining their readiness for the Mainnet migration:

  1. Download the Pi Browser Application: Pioneers must ensure they have downloaded the Pi Browser application and installed it on their devices.
  2. Create a Pi Wallet: Creating a Pi Wallet is an essential step in participating in the Mainnet migration. It serves as a conduit through which Pi coins will be transferred to the Mainnet.
  3. Confirm Your Pi Wallet: Confirming the Pi Wallet is vital before proceeding with the migration process to ensure accuracy and security.
  4. Submit to Lockdown Configuration: Pioneers need to commit to the lockdown configuration, strengthening Pi Network’s commitment to a stable and sustainable ecosystem.
  5. Submit Your KYC Application: While KYC verification has always been a cornerstone of the Pi Network journey, submitting the KYC application through the Mainnet checklist is a mandatory step.
  6. Await KYC Results: Pioneers should anticipate a brief waiting period as the Pi Network team verifies KYC applications to maintain network integrity.
  7. Confirm Signature to Receive Tokens: Confirming the receipt of tokens post-migration is crucial for a transparent and accountable process.
  8. Migrate to the Mainnet: The culmination of all the above steps results in the migration of Pi tokens to the Mainnet, enabling pioneers to engage in the exciting next phase of the Pi Network.

With the release of the Mainnet checklist, Pi Network’s pioneers are intensifying their preparations for the Mainnet migration. As the countdown to the Mainnet launch continues, the Pi Network community is abuzz with fervent anticipation for the blockchain innovations and decentralized possibilities of this new era.