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We’ve received questions regarding the pilot program and KYC process, and wanted to provide some clarifications and guidance on how Pi Network will approach the pilot and KYC.

The selection process for the pilot will be community-driven, meritocratic, and designed to surface Pioneers best able to bootstrap Pi’s peer-to-peer economy. Pioneers will be selected based on: a) recommendations from community members with concrete reasons (ALL human community members will be able to recommend 3 Pioneers), b) past contributions (e.g., as moderators, or chat participants), and c) potential future contributions to the economy.

The Core Team will not profit from identity verification (KYC). We also aim to develop a decentralized, low- to no-cost KYC process, customized for the Pi community. Our aspiration is to create a free KYC option. Although we cannot yet promise we will achieve this goal, we can promise that we will try our best.

Member privacy is a guiding principle at Pi Network. Pi Network doesn’t care as much about the content of the data you submit during KYC as the authenticity of your identity (i.e., that you are a real human being and not a bot). Pi Network deeply respects member privacy and aims to minimize intrusions on member privacy while keeping the currency safe.

Here is a bit more background on where we are in our approach to identify verification / KYC.

Because our low- to no-cost KYC option is not yet available and we need some form of KYC to enable in-app transfers, we faced a dilemma in choosing between: 1) delaying the in-app transfer until we have the low- to no-cost KYC solution, and 2) enabling in-app transfers using a third-party KYC provider at a smaller scale in a pilot program first. After extensive discussions with the community moderators, we decided to enable the first in-app transfers to keep our word and strengthen our peer-to-peer economy.

While we only rely on third-party KYC providers, members will need to cover the cost of their own KYC to enable early in-app transfers. Don’t forget that this is provided as an option for people who want to have in-app transfer earlier. You can always just wait for the low- to no-cost option later. Unlike other services such as exchanges which charge their users, Pi enables members to mine for free. Additionally, Pi is not listed on any exchanges and does not currently have fiat value.

Why is KYC free for the Pioneers in the pilot? Because it is a relatively small group and the pilot participants will be working to bootstrap our economy. While the Core Team can cover the cost for this small number of people, it cannot currently cover the costs for potentially millions of current and future Pioneers before we find the low- to no-cost solution.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts, questions, or feedback. We especially welcome ideas for how we can keep Pi safe while ensuring that Pi is inclusive to all Pioneers from across the world. Thanks!


我們已經收到了有關試點項目和 KYC 流程的問題,希望提供一些關於 Pi 幣如何試點和 KYC 的澄清和指導。


1.有具體理由的 pi 成員的推薦(例如很多人投票給你內測資格);


3.未來對 Pi 貢獻的潛在用戶(例如持有幣多的人或者邀請用戶多的人);

創始核心團隊不會從身份驗證(KYC)中獲利。我們還致力於開發一個分散的、低成本到無成本的 KYC 流程,專門為 Pi 社區定制。我們的目標是創造一個自由的 KYC 選擇。雖然我們還不能保證我們將實現這一目標,但我們可以保證我們將盡最大努力。

成員隱私是 Pi 幣的一個指導原則。 Pi Network 並不關心您在 KYC 期間提交的數據的內容,而是關心您身份的真實性(即,您是一個真正的人,而不是機器人)。 Pi 網絡非常尊重會員隱私,旨在最大限度地減少對會員隱私的侵犯,同時保證貨幣安全。

這裡有一點關於我們在識別驗證/KYC 的方法方面的背景知識。

由於我們的低或者無成本 KYC 選項暫時不能進行,我們需要某種形式的 KYC 來啟用應用內傳輸,因此我們在以下兩種選擇之間面臨兩難選擇:

1.延遲應用內傳輸,直到我們有低到無成本 KYC 解決方案;

2.首先在試點計劃中使用較小規模的第三方 KYC 提供商啟用應用內傳輸。在與社區版主進行了廣泛的討論後,我們決定讓第一批應用內傳輸保持我們的承諾,並加強我們的對等經濟。

雖然我們目前依賴第三方 KYC 提供商,但會員需要支付自己 KYC 的成本,以實現早期的應用內傳輸。別忘了,這只是作為一個選項提供給那些希望在應用程序內轉移較早的人,你總是可以等著低到無成本的選擇。與其他服務(如向用戶收費的交易所)不同,Pi 使會員可以免費開採。此外,Pi 沒有在任何交易所上市,目前也沒有任何價值。

為什麼 KYC 對飛行員中的先驅者是免費的?因為這是一個相對較小的群體,試點參與者將致力於提振我們的經濟。雖然核心團隊可以為這一小部分人支付成本,但在我們找到低成本到無成本的解決方案之前,它目前還無法為目前和未來的潛在數百萬先驅者支付成本。

如果您有任何想法、問題或反饋,請告訴我們。我們特別歡迎有關如何確保 Pi 安全的想法,同時確保 Pi 對來自世界各地的所有先驅具有包容性。謝謝!

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