• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023


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Pi Network Successfully Passes Comprehensive Security Audit with a Score of 68.11

Sep 17, 2023 #Pi Network

Pi Network recently announced that it has successfully completed a comprehensive security audit conducted by the renowned security auditing firm Cerick. The audit resulted in a score of 68.11, providing solid assurance of the security and trustworthiness of Pi Network.

Security audits have always been an integral part of blockchain projects, allowing for the assessment and validation of a project’s security, reliability, and vulnerabilities. As a professional blockchain security auditing agency, Cerick boasts extensive experience and a highly skilled team, earning a stellar reputation in the industry for its rigorous approach and comprehensive auditing procedures.

In this security audit, Cerick conducted a thorough examination and assessment of Pi Network’s core systems, smart contracts, and network security. They performed in-depth evaluations through code reviews, vulnerability discovery, and simulated attack testing to comprehensively assess the security of Pi Network.

The audit results reveal that Pi Network has performed admirably in terms of security, achieving a score of 68.11. This accomplishment not only reflects the meticulous attitude and professional expertise of the Pi Network team during the development process but also underscores the effectiveness and reliability of Pi Network’s system architecture and security mechanisms.

The successful completion of the security audit for Pi Network signifies a high level of trustworthiness in its system for safeguarding user assets and mitigating potential risks. This is excellent news for Pi Network users, as they can now participate in the ecosystem development and digital asset management with increased confidence.

Furthermore, any vulnerabilities and issues that may have been discovered during the security audit will serve as crucial references for improvement and enhancement. Through analysis and summarization of the audit results, the Pi Network team will further fortify the system’s security, continuously enhance the user experience, and foster trust.

As a global decentralized network, Pi Network is committed to offering users a secure, decentralized environment for digital asset management and transactions. By successfully completing Cerick’s security audit, Pi Network once again demonstrates its unwavering dedication to user privacy and asset security.

Looking ahead, Pi Network will continue to bolster its security efforts and collaborate with more security auditing agencies to provide users with an even more secure and reliable service environment. It is anticipated that, as Pi Network continues to evolve, its performance in terms of security and trustworthiness will continue to garner recognition and acclaim within the industry.