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Pi Network Project Update and News on May 25, 2023!

1. Pi Network Wallet Update: Preparation for Mainnet Launch

In preparation for the launch of the Pi Network Mainnet, the wallet has undergone significant updates.

The latest update includes the addition of developer application wallet unlocking, allowing users with ecosystem wallets to access it.

In addition, the wallet interface has also added support for Simplified Chinese language, making it easier for early adopters in the Chinese community to navigate and operate.

2. Data Update: Pioneer Coverage Stability and Expansion

Various data indicators in the Pi Network ecosystem show stable signs, which have had a positive impact on early adopters. Let’s take a look at the latest statistics:

Testnet Data:

Compared to the data reported last week, the number of active nodes on the testnet has increased by nearly 3,000, leading to a corresponding increase in the total number of nodes. This growth level is within normal range, indicating steady progress during the testnet phase.

Mainnet Data:

In the past week, the mainnet has witnessed the creation of 50,000 new addresses and the mapping of 30 million Pi coins. These numbers are consistent with the expected growth rate and reflect healthy expansion.

Although the trend of creating 120,000 addresses in the previous week did not continue, the current rate of address creation indicates that the mapping process is gradually gaining momentum.

The average mapping quantity per address is about five to six hundred, indicating thatthe proportion of initial mappers is gradually increasing, highlighting the expanding coverage of early adopters.

3. Mainnet Progress: Stable Growth, Advancing Pioneer Coverage

The development of the Mainnet continues its positive trajectory, with 50,000 addresses created and 30 million Pi coins successfully migrated.

These numbers are within the expected range, showing steady growth of the network.

Although the speed of address creation has slightly slowed compared to the previous week, it is important to note that the ongoing mapping process is gradually expanding, with each address contributing to the increasing coverage of early adopters.

This trend emphasizes the commitment and participation of the Pi community towards wider adoption.

4. Pi Network’s Global Community Expansion Continues

Pi Network’s community expansion continues to grow globally, with multiple communities established worldwide, including China, the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, and other regions. These communities not only provide support for Pi Network’s development, but also offer users more information and resources, enabling them to better understand and participate in the Pi Network ecosystem.

5. Pi Network Continues to Promote Decentralization

Pi Network has been committed to achieving decentralization, making it a truly decentralized platform through node networks and community support. In the future, Pi Network will continue to promote decentralization through more technological innovations and community participation, achieving a more open and democratic ecosystem.

6. Pi Network Will Launch a DEX

Pi Network plans to launch a decentralized exchange (DEX), making it more convenientfor users to trade and exchange digital currencies. This DEX will adopt Pi Network’s technology and mechanism, achieving a more secure, fast, and low-cost trading experience. This will also bring more value and opportunities to the Pi Network ecosystem and users.

These are the Pi Network project updates and news as of May 25, 2023. Let’s look forward to the future development of Pi Network.

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