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Masa x Arcomia: A Partnership to Bring Soul to the Metaverse

Arcomia Introduces .arcomia Soulnames and Presents Exclusive “Masa Astronaut” NFT Avatar for the Arcomia Metaverse


We are delighted to announce an exciting partnership between Masa and Arcomia, a metaverse that merges the captivating realms of blockchain gaming on Polygon. Masa is truly honored to join forces with Arcomia to introduce the utilization of Soulbound Tokens (SBTs), which will revolutionize the representation of assets, achievements, rewards, and identity within the immersive Arcomia Metaverse.

Fueled by Masa’s Soulbound Token protocol, Arcomia has launched the highly anticipated “.arcomia” soulname, an easily recognizable address that effortlessly links a gamer’s wallet, in-game achievements and in-game land plot. 5+ character .arcomia names are free, simply pay gas.

To commemorate the unveiling of this innovative collaboration, Arcomia is generously offering a bespoke, limited edition Masa Astronaut NFT avatar exclusively to select members of the Masa community.

In this article, we will delve into the introduction of Arcomia’s .arcomia soulnames, the exclusive Masa Astronaut NFT Avatar giveaway, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to participate in both momentous events.

Arcomia: The Next Frontier of Immersive Metaverse on Polygon

Combining the unparalleled capabilities of the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, Arcomia represents a quantum leap forward in immersive metaverse experiences, granting users an exhilarating new avenue for creation, exploration, and engagement within the expansive Arcomia metaverse. This next-generation metaverse offers an unparalleled sense of freedom, fidelity, and flexibility, redefining what is possible in the virtual reality world.

Arcomia ambitiously aims to integrate blockchain technology into mainstream virtual experiences, attracting both enthusiasts of web3 and non-web3 gaming users, by providing the inherent advantages of true ownership, digital scarcity, and monetization capabilities, all powered by the blockchain.

Masa x Arcomia: Elevating Identity in the Metaverse

Central to the essence of the Arcomia metaverse is the notion of a unique gamer identity. Whether participating in virtual events, exploring mesmerizing digital landscapes, or simply socializing with friends, your Arcomian avatar will serve as your dynamic identity.

Masa is incredibly proud to collaborate with Arcomia to empower the use of SBTs, enabling the representation of assets, achievements, rewards, and identity data within the Arcomia Metaverse. Masa SBTs play a pivotal role in eliminating “pay-to-win” scenarios in gaming, where players can gain an unfair advantage by purchasing or trading powerful items or abilities from other players. Masa SBTs ensure that certain items can only be obtained through genuine achievements and experiences, promoting a level playing field and preventing the ability to buy one’s way to victory.

.arcomia Soulnames, Powered by Masa

In celebration of our partnership, Arcomia has introduced the launch of .arcomia soulnames, powered by the Masa Protocol.

Your .arcomia soulname serves as your distinctive and personal gamer handle within the Arcomia metaverse, enabling you to forge new friendships, engage in in-game transactions, connect achievements, and unlock extraordinary soulbound airdrops. Over time, your .arcomia soulname will become synonymous with your in-game reputation as you immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Arcomia.

5+ character .arcomia soulnames are FREE. 4-character are only $1. Gass-fee not included.

Follow these simple steps to secure your free, rare and unique .arcomia soulname:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Visit the Arcomia landing page. Click on the top right to create your Arcomia account. Once you create your account and log-in, click on
“Claim your .Arcomia Soul Name!”

Step 3: Search for your desired soulname

Step 4: Mint your soulname on Polygon

Voila! Soulname secured. Use it as your unique gamer handle in the Arcomia metaverse. To learn more about Arcomia soulnames, visit:

Masa Astronaut: A Limited Edition NFT Giveaway Exclusive to the Masa Community

As a token of our deep appreciation for your unwavering support, we are delighted to announce a truly unique opportunity: the Masa Astronaut Avatar NFT Giveaway.

This limited edition Masa Astronaut avatar NFT can serve as your in-game character , and also represents a symbol of unity, aspiration, and boundless exploration within the Arcomia Metaverse.

To each member of the Masa Community, we extend an invitation to join us on this momentous journey. Mint your astronaut NFT to own a piece of this immersive metaverse experience, crafted exclusively for you. Once the Arcomia metaverse launches, you’ll be able to explore and reach new destinations and interactive experiences as your astronaut avatar.

Here are the steps to claim your extraordinary limited edition Masa Astronaut avatar on Friday, May 19th:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click on Arcomia Masa Astronaut Giveaway Campaign

Step 3: Connect your wallet and register an account with Arcomia

Step 4: Mint your Astronaut NFT on Polygon

Step 5: That’s it! Arcomia will screen your wallet for Masa SBT. As a cherished Masa SBT holder, you will have the privilege to claim your very own Masa Astronaut avatar, for free.

As we embark on this remarkable adventure, let the Masa Astronaut avatar be a constant reminder of the extraordinary potential that lies within each and every one of us.

Masa is thrilled for our first foray into the metaverse with Arcomia. In the future your Astronaut NFT will be able to be staked for RCM tokens, which will be Arcomia’s primary ecosystem and governance token. We’re excited to bring even more utility and rewards to our Masa SBT holders. With every virtual step you take, every interaction you engage in, and every milestone you surpass, you will be leaving your mark on the landscape of the Arcomia Metaverse.

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