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Introducing the first-ever multi sequencer testnet rollup with AltLayer Altitude campaign

  • Campaign welcomes AltLayer OG’s, devs and wider community to experiment with testnet features
  • Multi sequencer testing (phase 1) open from 4 May — 30 June 2023

Hi Alters,

We’re delighted to share that work on AltLayer’s testnet is underway, and will be made public in four distinctive phases (starting today!) Each phase will roll out an incredible new infrastructure capability that sets new standards for rollup design and implementation.

In the first phase, we are introducing the first-of-its-kind multi sequencer network for rollups. This is incredibly novel as every rollup today (ZK or optimistic-based) operates with a centralized sequencer. Even though sequencers are not trusted for the correct execution of L2 transactions, they play a central role in aggregating transactions, ordering and executing them, producing pre-confirmation transactions etc. As a result, centralized sequencers operating a rollup can:

  • Censor user transactions
  • Become a choke-point or in the worst-case could go unavailable
  • Extract excessive rent
  • Frontrun user transactions or more broadly create bad MEV and adversely affect users

In fact, there have been several real-world instances where rollups with centralized sequencers stopped processing transactions when the sequencer was down.

AltLayer’s multi sequencer testnet network aims to change this. It is one of the first implementations of a decentralized sequencer rollup that mitigates issues associated with single sequencers while maintaining the performance.

And that’s why we are extremely excited to share not just the news but also the testnet itself for you all to experiment. This first phase of testnet rollup will entirely focus on decentralized sequencing (and we are only just getting started!).

Testnet Features Released in Phase 1

The testnet is composed of two types of nodes: sequencers and verifiers. Sequencers order transactions while verifiers check if the resulting blockchain state is correct and if so, they commit state roots to the underlying L1. For our testnet, we will be using Ethereum’s Sepolia testnet as the L1.

Here’s a feature breakdown of the “first phase” — the multi-sequencer L2 network:

  • Multi sequencer L2 that runs local consensus
  • Regular state root commitments to L1 (Sepolia Testnet) by verifiers
  • Rollup bridge supporting native ETH, ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens
  • Deposit of assets from L1 to L2
  • Withdrawal of assets from L2 to L2 with a challenge period
  • Block explorer
  • Testnet tokens faucet

Getting Involved

With the release of Phase 1 of the testnet, we are running a campaign to encourage community members to try out the testnet, experiment with the network and most importantly feel the power of a rollup with decentralized sequencers.

While you are free to try out the testnet in your own fun and creative ways, we are launching a structured campaign called Altitude for you to try the key bits and pieces of the testnet which involves bridging different types of assets back and forth from Ethereum’s Sepolia testnet to the AltLayer multi-sequencer rollup. Altitude will help you see the capabilities of our testnet in action, and experiment with the L2 network in general.

Details and instructions can be found below.

ALTITUDE: Phase 1 (Use our multi-sequencer network)

The first part of this campaign will run from 4 May-30 June.

To qualify for this campaign, visit Galxe and complete the following tasks:

  • Follow the @alt_layer handle on Twitter
  • Join our Discord channel
  • Deposit and withdraw Sepolia ETH from Sepolia Testnet to AltLayer Testnet via rollup bridge
  • Deposit and withdraw ERC-20 MSEQ token from Sepolia Testnet to AltLayer Testnet via rollup bridge
  • Deposit and withdraw ERC-721 MSNFT token to from Sepolia Testnet to AltLayer Testnet via rollup bridge

NB: Users will need to bridge these assets from Sepolia to our testnet and back (in this precise order) for it to work.

To obtain testnet tokens:
MSEQ faucet:
MSNFT minting site:

Once all tasks have been completed, users can claim an OAT (On-chain achievement token) badge specifically for the multi sequencer round.

Early-Access for Phase 1 of Altitude (4 May-6 May)

We have granted the privilege of early access for the multi-sequencer testnet to OG Badge and Oh Ottie! NFT holders, as promised. A snapshot of all AltLayer OG Badge and Oh Ottie! NFT holders were taken on 2 May, and the addresses were airdropped with MSEQ and MSNFT testnet tokens on Sepolia testnet. All other users will get access, as highlighted, from Saturday, 6 May to try out these features.

For a step-by-step on how to experiment with the testnet, use:


In the meantime, please note that we’re phasing out our devnet to next Friday(12 May). Users are advised to back up their data/contract and bridge testnet tokens back to L1s.

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