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ConsenSys zkEVM has officially been renamed to “Linea”.Linea testnet interaction guide

On March 28th, ConsenSys zkEVM testnet was officially launched and renamed to Linea. It is reported that it is preparing for the upcoming NFT testnet. Follow the GlodChain tutorial below to experience it.

Preparation before interaction

  1. You need to deposit a little Goerli ETH in your Metamask wallet. Faucet link:
  2. Add Linea network in Metamask wallet. You can find the data used to add the network on this page:

Interaction tutorial

  1. Enter Linea’s official website:, click “Bridge”, and we will first transfer funds from the Goerli test bridge to the Linea testnet.

It will redirect you to the Hop testnet. We need to link our wallet, then select the amount of tokens we want to exchange, and click “Send” after confirming. You need to sign the transaction inside the wallet.

Let’s try to interact with all the functions on that page as much as possible. You can click “Faucet” to mint some USDC and HOP tokens. Then click “Send” to bridge the minted USDC and HOP tokens to the Linea testnet.

After that, we can click “Convert” to wrap ETH into WETH.

After wrapping ETH into WETH, we can then use “Convert” again to exchange it for hETH.

Next, let’s click on “Pool” and add liquidity by depositing the tokens we just exchanged.

If you see the following image, it means that adding liquidity was successful.

So far, we have interacted with all four functions on that page.

  1. Go back to the Linea website: Click on “Swap”.

Select the Linea network in MetaMask wallet and connect to Uniswap, then try exchanging tokens. After exchanging tokens, you can click on “Pool” to add liquidity. Currently, there are only a few token pairs available to add liquidity. If you encounter an error when adding liquidity, you can try again later.

  1. After experiencing everything, go back to the Linea website Click on “Explore”. You can see that there are already more than 20 projects on the Linea testnet. You can keep an eye on this page and continue to interact with the projects that you can try.

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