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How to become a blockchain engineer?

Today we will introduce how the most popular blockchain engineers should get started!

Basically, blockchain engineers still have points:

  1. The engineer of the chain (need to understand the algorithm and consensus algorithm)
  2. Exchange engineers (need to understand the connection and use of many chains)
  3. Application development (DApp) engineers (need to understand smart contracts and front-end connection)

If most of us want to become Dapp engineers, we need to understand Ethereum and smart contracts!

Share how I learned this. Basically, if you choose a theme or main axis, you can find a few more webpages and display them. If you don’t understand or have doubts, take notes first. The key is to use “search keywords” to solve.

Let’s say you don’t understand the Ethereum smart contract token code:

  1. Ethereum Token SmartContract (Ethereum Token Smart Contract)
  2. DApp ERC20 Token (Blockchain application ERC20 token)

Basically, if you can’t find a good keyword, it will be at the end + Github XD

Then you can play CryptoZombie first to understand the basic smart contract writing method!

Dapp engineers also have sub-chains?

The core language of each Dapp development is also very different from chain to chain. For example, Ethereum uses Solidity and EOS uses C++.. etc. Then how do we choose where we should start learning?

Basically, I suggest novices to learn from wherever they have more resources! At present, it is still recommended that everyone learn from the development of ETHEREUM (Ethereum). At present, there are enough developers on Ethereum and there are probably two or three years of accumulation. Compared with other main chains, it is relatively rich. Up.

Finally, to summarize for everyone, to become a blockchain engineer, you must first choose your own genre (application development (DApp) group, creating a chain group, exchange serial chain group).

If it’s a DApp

You have to choose which main chain you want again (only the three chains with the most users are introduced)

  • Ethereum (Ethereum)
    • Solidity smart contract
  • Tron (Tron)
    • Solidity smart contract
  • Eos (Grapefruit)
    • C++ smart contract

If you create a chain

  • Backend language (Golang)
  • Algorithm (Consensus consensus algorithm)
  • Blockchain knowledge popularization
  • Cryptography

If it is sent in series by the exchange

  • Understand the content of each chain
  • And learn how to connect the chains

Probably so. If you want to know more, search for blockchain engineers and look at the salary and demand of the outside world. If you move in those directions, you should be about the same~

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