How popular is the Worldcoin project? Chinese users pay $30 to buy “iris recognition” just to get a $20 airdrop

The Worldcoin project, initiated by OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman, continues to gain popularity. The project announced to distribute airdrops to billions of people worldwide, which can be claimed through iris recognition. With 4.4 billion people worldwide lacking legal identities and unable to pass digital identity verification, they struggle to access financial services.

Only less than 3% of the world’s population is currently participating in cryptocurrency networks, and Worldcoin hopes to have a cryptocurrency widely adopted, which will greatly increase the involvement of the Internet economy and promote the popularization of cryptocurrency.

To enable as many people as possible to quickly use this new currency, Worldcoin aims to distribute cryptocurrency for free to every real human being in the world.

The Worldcoin has a maximum supply of 10 billion coins, of which 8 billion will be distributed globally, and 2 billion will be reserved for the Worldcoin Foundation and investors.

The use of iris recognition helps to prevent witch attacks.

Worldcoin fully utilizes difficult to forge and unalterable biological information, and creates a unique digital identity through iris scanning for identity authentication.

Specifically, Worldcoin uses a spherical machine called “Orb” to scan iris and identify individuals.

The Orb has undergone three years of research and development and a small-scale test lasting about a year. The latest generation of Orb is now being manufactured in Germany, and this device has helped Worldcoin verify registrations of over one million people.

However, the collection of biological information involves sensitive personal data, which has led to criticisms and controversies over privacy issues for WorldCoin.

Chinese buyers paying $30 to buy “iris recognition” just to receive a $20 airdrop

According to BlockBeats, some marketers collect villagers’ iris and personal data in Cambodia, Kenya and other places, and sell them to Chinese buyers for $30 or less, assisting them in completing Worldcoin registration and receiving a $20 reward. They even boast of “full guidance, fast speed, high efficiency, low price, and no high price.”

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