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Detailed Explanation of Linea Odyssey Week 1 Interaction

Linea, the developer-friendly zkEVM L2 solution launched by ConsenSys, has just launched the Odyssey mission on the galaxy. The first week has already begun, and the event will run from 9:00am EST on May 2nd to 11:59pm on May 7th.

There are many tasks to complete, and Diviner Dao has provided a detailed breakdown of each task to help everyone complete them easily. All tasks will be snapshot and marked as completed the following day.

The main mission page is here: Once all tasks are completed and verified, a score of 96 points will be achieved and the reward can be claimed. Below is a detailed explanation of each task in order.


1.Add various chain URLs:

2.Obtain test coins such as USDC, HOP, and DAI from the following website, which will be useful later:

Don’t be confused, follow me and stay focused. Let’s start the official tasks.

Task 1 and Task 2 can be completed together: 【20 Points in Total】Celer BUSD BridgeR (Cross any amount of BUSD and BNB from BSC testnet to Linea testnet)

Firstly, add the BSC testnet network to MetaMask at and switch the wallet to the BSC testnet.

Secondly, go to to obtain BNB and BUSD test coins (located in the top left corner).

Then, go to to send any amount of BUSD and BNB to Linea testnet respectively. This will complete tasks 1 and 2. Note: there may be network errors during the cross-chain process, so please refresh the page if necessary.

Task 3: 【10 Points】Connext MATIC Bridger (Send any amount of MATIC from Polygon testnet to Linea via Connext)

Firstly, obtain MATIC test coins from and switch the wallet to the Polygon testnet.

Then, go to to send any amount of MATIC from Polygon to Linea via Connext.

Task 4, 5, 6, and 7 can be completed together: Hop DAI Bridger 【40 Points in Total】(Cross any amount of DAI/HOP/USDC/GETH from Goerli to Linea testnet). Switch the wallet to the Goerli testnet.

Friendly reminder: Geth is hard to come by, so use it wisely.

Firstly, go to to obtain GETH test coins.

Secondly, go to to obtain DAI, HOP, USDC, and test coins by staking GETH. For example, stake ETH to obtain DAI.

Finally, go to and select DAI, HOP, USDC, or GETH to send to Linea respectively. Note that this is done separately, meaning you need to send four times in total.

Task 8 and Task 9 can be completed together:

Multichain Tusd bridger and Multichain EURoEe bridger (Send any amount of EURoEe and TUSD from AVAX testnet to Linea testnet).

Firstly, obtain AVAX test coins from (2 AVAX per 24 hours).

Secondly, stake AVAX to obtain EURoEe and TUSD from

Finally, go to and select EURoEe and TUSD respectively to cross-chain to Linea. Once both cross-chain transfers are completed, the tasks are finished.

It will take approximately one day for the completion of these three steps to be snapshot. Don’t ask why it hasn’t been marked as completed immediately after finishing the tasks. Be patient, rushing won’t make things go faster. If you don’t want to miss out, start completing the tasks now. Don’t wait until the last minute and get anxious without enough time.

Task 10 and Task 11 mainly involve following Twitter accounts, so they are easy tasks. So easy.. very simple, simple, easy~

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