DeBox APK for Android-Web3 Social Platform

DeBox is the Web3 social platform based on blockchain DID. Users holding ERC20 tokens and NFTs can join the corresponding groups without permission and form DAO and NFT communities spontaneously. Members can participate deeply in community governance through various features provided by Debox, such as raffles, proposals, voting, etc.

Application positioning of DeBox
focuses on the underdeveloped but highly demanded relationship-based social platform known as “immediate social.”

Traffic attraction method of DeBox

Pop-up rooms and voice services were launched by DeBOX in order to effectively attract new customers from public traffic and assist users in locating chances to rapidly discover about and take part in new projects to receive the early airdrop.

DeBox Guardians Penguin

DeBox Guardians the total supply is 2048. holders will receive exclusive privileges and great benefits.

Holder will get :

Genesis PFP honorary status and DeBox governance right

Receive DBX Airdrops

Receive Airdrops From DeBox foundation

Support Pop-up Chat Space and other features

TokenPocket Investment in DeBox

By connecting wallet addresses with personal identities via “ownership,” DeBox makes it simpler for individuals to establish their reputations and take part in community governance.

In DeBox, The perfect combination of WeChat and Discord. only certain token holders are able to join the relevant community. can participate in discussions and governance votes in the community the user would have to automatically exit this community once they sell or transfer their token.

Hold to Chat

Based on blockchain DID, makes users who hold tokens join the corresponding group without permission.

Marking with multidimensional identity data to increase the credibility of speech. Let high-quality information be delivered authentically.

Open Platform for DAO Tools

Group chat is the starting point of all DAO organizational structures. Everything, including proposals, voting, treasury, capital management, trading, raffles, and contractual tools, happens here…

Build up a complete and open platform for DAO governance in a decentralized approach. Establish DeBox Foundation to encourage more developers to participate in the platform construction.

Join theDeBox members in vDBX group reached 10000 app users.

Multidimensional SocialRelationship Graph

Craving authentic DIDs in multiple dimensions through holding, transactions, accessing, and opinions. Build a social network with a higher dimension.

Knowledge Cashing. Personal data assets on the chain are only owned by DID. High-quality knowledge content can be paid for in multiple ways.

DeBox is the pioneer of Web3, the new social track. Provide an exclusive place for project parties, KOLs, and users to communicate.

There are still many unknowns to explore.DeBox airdrop, whitelist internal beta has been launched for a while, the official version will be online soon! Looking forward to more DeBox empowering functionality, the gathering of mainstream NFT, and increasingly strong social attributes.

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