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BRC-20 DAO, a subsidiary of OpenDAO, will airdrop 2.1 million Majo tokens to Ordi and Majo holders

OpenDAO has announced the launch of the BRC-20 token $Majo through its subsidiary, BRC-20 DAO, after about a year since joining the BRC-20 trend.

Unlike other projects, BRC-20 DAO aims to create new use cases for BRC-20, avoiding uneven distribution of chips caused by gas competition among users. It is also the first project in the BRC-20 ecosystem to conduct such a large-scale airdrop.

BRC-20 DAO has developed a new minting system, in which most BRC-20 projects mint coins through a public minting process, leading to uneven distribution of chips and congestion of the BTC network due to gas wars. However, the system developed by BRC-20 DAO allows users to automatically return corresponding BRC-20 tokens when choosing to mint, thus avoiding situations of rush and failed minting.

According to the issuance rules of Majo released by BRC-20 DAO, the total supply is 21,000,000, with the following detailed allocation:

Airdrop: 50%
Whitelist private placement: 21%
DAO treasury: 18%
Development contributors: 5%
Marketing: 6%.

Today (May 15th), BRC-20 DAO announced the detailed plan for the $Majo airdrop, which will be divided into 5 rounds. The targets of the airdrop are partners, product users, and general users. The details of the first round of the airdrop are as follows:

Ecological partners: gradually announce ecological partners (there will be surprises) and attract ecosystem users’ attention by airdropping tokens to them.

CEX airdrop: airdrop to users through some CEX to promote industry development and make more trading platform users familiar with the Ordinals ecosystem.

Marketing campaign airdrop: select fans for airdrop based on regular draws and activities to increase social media influence.

In addition, the announcement also revealed that related products of $Majo are under development and will be announced at a suitable time in the future.

It is worth mentioning that $Majo is now listed on the Unisat secondary market, with an IDO price of $0.0417765 and a current market price of $0.15.

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