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Billionaires Mark Cuban:Blockchain-driven assets have become legal means of storing value

NBA the owner of the Dallas Lone Ranger, billionaire Mark Cobain, said in his latest article he was bullish on encrypted assets. He said that with the development of technology, blockchains have developed to support intelligent contracts and have the ability to identify the uniqueness of digital goods and related transactions.

Because through the decentralization of distribution, storage and maintenance of the blockchain, no party controls the transaction, but the miners compete to confirm the transaction, the assets driven by the blockchain have now legally become the means of value storage.

He also cited NFT trading platforms as an example of blockchain transparency as a major advantage. Users can easily see the transaction history of each buyer, as well as what they have and the price they pay. Even if there is a certain threshold, but still far below the traditional art and collectables field, this convenience for creative new talent opened the door to discovery.

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