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50,000,000 $FABRIC airdrop is live!

The long awaited 50,000,000 airdrop campaign is here and we’re excited to share the news with you. The goal of the airdrop is to encourage more people to join the platform and reward those who help us promote it.

Our biggest supporters and OGs, such as Founders NFT holders and CryptoPunks or BAYC holders, will receive a higher percentage of tokens as a way of showing our appreciation for their support. It’s thanks to them we have managed to come so far, hence the increased reward.

As stated before, you will need to be a platform user to be eligible for the airdrop. Head here and join the MetaFabric Club, which connects top NFT and token holders in crypto.

Then do the following:

1. Log in and go to rewards panel (menu)

2. Go to Airdrop and connect your twitter account

3. Retweet a post

4. Post a tweet based on a template we provide

And that’s it. The tokens will be credited to your MetaFabric account immediately and available for claim after the upcoming CEX listing, which is expected to happen mid June.

In summary, this airdrop campaign is a great opportunity for you to earn $FABRIC and contribute to the growth of our community. Join us today and spread the word to claim your share of tokens!

Become part of our telegram community and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date:

  • Keep in mind that the Metafabric team has the right to verify the steps you have followed or that you are not violating the rules by creating multiple accounts. If we find any violations, the awarded prize will be revoked.

1. Your Twitter account has to be older than 3 months.
2. Twitter post must be public.
3. You can’t delete your post after receiving the airdrop reward.

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