Pi Network派首頁更新,駭客馬拉松社區評分(20210917)

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Pi Network派首頁更新(20210917)


Hackathon Community Rating


Sep 17th - 4:56am

Pioneers, community rating for our #BuildPi2gether Hackathon is now live! Check out "Rate Projects" in Brainstorm to upvote/downvote each team’s final submission. There you'll be able to watch their submission video and review their Pi Browser app. Tap the button above for more information :)


@ PiCore Team


先鋒們,我們# Build Pi 2 gether駭客馬拉松的社區評分現在開始直播!請在頭腦風暴中查看“評分項目”,對每個團隊的最終提交進行投票。在那裡你可以觀看他們提交的視頻和審查他們的圓周率瀏覽器a page點擊上面的按鈕瞭解更多資訊:)


Hackathon Community Rating

The Pi Hackathon kickstarts the Pi community’s app development on our platform that will foster ecosystem-building efforts and potentially create real life utilities and infrastructures. The Core Team will be happy to consider community input when deciding winners/prizes, so make sure your voice is heard!

To start rating, go to Brainstorm and click “Rate Projects” to see a randomized list of finalist teams. After watching each team’s video presentation and testing their Pi app by pasting their app URLs in the Pi Browser, upvote or downvote the submissions based on your discretion. You can submit one upvote or downvote per project, but you cannot submit a vote for your own project.

For Hackathon participants who don’t see their project in this list, don’t lose heart! This list of finalists showcases the most promising apps, as of now, out of thousands of submissions. Just because your app didn't make it through this time doesn't mean that it cannot succeed in the future — the race is not over. We understand that it's a long process to build a successful, scalable app with growing user traction, and we’ll continue to support your efforts moving forward.

Overall, the Pi Hackathon is our first organized attempt at enabling the development of community apps. We hope you’ve enjoyed this process with us, and make sure to check back in when we announce winners on September 30th.

Pi, Pi Network and the Pi logo are trademarks of the Pi Community Company.


Pi Hackathon啟動了Pi社區在我們平臺上的應用程序開發,這將促進生態系統建設的努力,並有可能創造現實生活中的公用事業和基礎設施。覈心團隊很樂意在决定獲獎者/獎品時考慮社區的意見,所以確保你的聲音被聽到!

要開始評分,請進入頭腦風暴,點擊“Rate Projects”,查看入圍團隊的隨機名單。在觀看了每個團隊的視頻演示,並通過在Pi瀏覽器中粘貼他們的應用程序URL來測試他們的Pi應用程序後,根據您的判斷對提交的內容進行向上或向下投票。您可以為每個項目提交一次支持或反對票,但不能為自己的項目提交投票。


總的來說,Pi Hackathon是我們第一次有組織地嘗試開發社區應用程序。我們希望你喜歡這個過程,並確保在9月30日我們宣佈獲獎者時,回來檢查。