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2023 MetaMask Airdrop Guide

MetaMask is an “accessible Ethereum gateway through the browser”, a tool that allows users to interact with the Ethereum network with lower requirements for entry.You can directly participate in various on-chain financial applications (DeFi), games, domain names (ENS), cross-border payments and so on through it.As the oldest and most popular wallet tool on the Ethereum platform, Metamask added aggregation exchange (SWAP) functionality in the fourth quarter of 2020.According to public data, as of now, the monthly active users of MetaMask have reached over 5 million, and the accumulated trading volume of the exchange function exceeds 2 billion US dollars.

Currently, there is no official statement about any airdrops. If Metamask were to distribute coins, it would likely be to those who are already invested in the project.Based on past experience, exchanging any currency on the platform is considered one successful transaction.

1. Open the official website and install/create a Metamask wallet in your browser. (If you already have one, you can skip this step.)

2. Switching to BSC network (this step can be skipped for those using ETH network) 

Chain: Both BSC and ETH are available options. Here, BSC chain has been chosen. ETH incurs higher costs.

Binance Mainnet Setup:

Binance Smart Chain

Network name (user can customize, easy to identify)

3.Asset redemption/exchange

Interchange cost

To make transactions of over 1000 USD and have interactions totaling more than three, there is a fee of approximately 0.8%.

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